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Taxi transfers from Rome Fiumicino Airport

Top Destinations

to Rome (hotel)

00:40 min. 34 km

from €45.00

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to Termini satation (Rome)

00:32 min. 40 km

from €45.00

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to Airport Rome Ciampino (CIA)

00:32 min. 40 km

from €50.00

to Ostia

00:25 min. 15 km

from €50.00

to Outlet Castel Romano

00:40 min. 32 km

from €55.00

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to Ladispoli

00:30 min. 35 km

from €60.00

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to Fregene

00:40 min. 38 km

from €60.00

to Torvaianica

00:50 min. 40 km

from €65.00

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00:40 min. 57 km

from €80.00

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to Anzio (hotel)

01:10 min. 70 km

from €95.00

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to outlet Valmontone

01:07 min. 70 km

from €100.00

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to Nettuno (hotel)

01:10 min. 72 km

from €105.00

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to Fiuggi (hotel)

02:00 min. 110 km

from €112.00

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to Port Civitavecchia (MSC)

From the airport right on board the ship ...

01:00 min. 78 km

from €120.00

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to Sabaudia (hotel)

01:45 min. 101 km

from €125.00

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to Terracina (hotel)

01:40 min. 118 km

from €136.00

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to San Felice Circeo

01:40 min. 110 km

from €140.00

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to Sperlonga (hotel)

01:47 min. 135 km

from €162.00

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02:00 min. 152 km

from €200.00

to Terme di saturnia

01:40 min. 155 km

from €200.00

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to Gaeta

02:07 min. 150 km

from €200.00

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to Formia

02:10 min. 155 km

from €220.00

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02:30 min. 211 km

from €290.00

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to Napoli (hotel)

02:40 min. 240 km

from €300.00

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03:00 min. 245 km

from €350.00


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Advance booking

You know in advance about the booked you car, which will always be match your needs.

Our drivers

Our driver will be well dressed, know the city and speak English.

Operator 24/7

We work around the clock and are ready to help at any time of the day.

Force Majeure

Our drivers always work, even when public transport and taxis strike.


The car is provided depending on the number of passengers and baggage. It will be a Mercedes-Benz E-class or Viano.

Transportation of children

For a young family, on request we provide a child seat for free.


You can contact us in advance and ask for recommendations regarding your trip.


All prices are fixed and specified when ordering a transfer. No additional charges will be charged.


Our driver will be waiting for you in the meeting room with a sign.


The price includes 1 hour wait, after your landing at Fiumicino airport.


All our cars are officially licensed to transport passengers throughout Italy.


Most importantly, the quality of service. You will receive a high level of service only from us.

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